FLYD - Festival for Audio Dramatisation

are proud to announce the winner's for the


New Audio Artist Award


The New Audio Artist Award was established to discover and promote new talent from the UK who are working in the field of radio and audio drama.


Free to enter, the prize for students and independent producers under 30 offers a fantastic opportunity for emerging radio drama makers to get their work aired at our international radio drama festival alongside some of the greatest practitioners of the medium in Europe.


We were thrilled to receive so many entries and of such a high calibre which we passed onto our judging panel who included the acclaimed Hat Trick producer Claire Broughton, Prix Italia Nominee Richard Shannon and Dorthe Riis Lauridsen, a Prix Italia winning Radio Drama Producer at the Danish National Broadcasting Company(DR) .


Finally for their verdict...


The Winners are:


1. Prize













Anna Henley


Sitting on Elle's bed day in, day out, Pillow has come to know her and her habits better than the inside of his own pillowcase. He sees her at her best, he sees her at her worst, and he also looks on as she makes her way through her extensive DVD collection. Pillow learns most of what he knows of human life through tales told largely by Hugh Grant and Colin Firth - even if he still isn't quite sure what this "love" is...


2. Prize











Cassie Galpin(Prod. Coord.) George McDonagh(Dir.)


BBHope45 never thought there would be a deadline on pregnancy. As life progressed and she has now met Mark, her life partner, she is relying on IVF to give her a child. With a support from her well-meaning mother who has her best interests at heart, FROSTIES is the story of BBHope45’s anticipation at 5am for her truth telling moment. It’s a two sided story: Bry the embryo, has been through this before and just tells it as it is, and BBHope45 who desperately wants to meet and raise him.



3. Prize

The Announcer












Thomas Glasser


With visions of his voice gliding across the waves, this short audio drama follows the story of retired naval officer, Archie Balfour, as he attempts to reach his life-long goal of becoming a Radio 4 announcer.


Special Mention


The Sting is in the snail




Robbie MacInnes


Solazzo Slack is the greatest trainer in the kingdom. He loves his animals more than anything, but how far will he go when disaster strikes and his quiet life is exploded by a series of sinister characters knocking at his door? Most importantly, will he be ready for the royal joust tomorrow evening?



Each of our winners will be awarded the amazing prize of

3, 2 & 1 years licences to:

Hindenburg Journalist Pro

The only audio editing system built exclusively for radio journalists and audio raconteurs, kindly provided by


The winning productions will be played in full at a special event in Husets Teater, Copenhagen on the 21/8-15 at 10 pm. They will be presented by Claire Broughton alongside representatives from the Award committee who will explain their choices, it promises to be an exciting event.


An enormous thank you to everyone who entered, we greatly enjoyed listening to all of your productions.

We hope you can join us in Copenhagen on the 21/8-15 to listen.


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