Radio Drama network aim to contribute with relevant events and thereby strengthening the growth, interest and creativity in the field of audio dramatisation production. This is conveyed through a variety of events: seminars, workshops, festivals, competitions and individual events brought to life by our FLOAT event brewery.


FLOAT presents compelling and inspiring professional Danish and international sound experiments, as well as, the sound of the new waves from independent groups and producers.


In 2016 FLOAT will host a series of individual listening events, a workshop course to strengthen and develop the burgeoning audio fictional production environments in Denmark and we are launching no less than three competitions in total, introducing two of them at a FLOAT MARKET DAY on the 29th of May and every one from near and far are welcome.


Here you can meet other audiophiles, find new partners and hear about FLOAT's two competitions Piece and Paper, and (F)loat-marathon that will be launched later this year.


So keep an eye out for our sister platform on Facebook or visit the FLOAT-page and get more information, and whilst you are there you could take a trip down memory-lane and (re)-experience FLOAT 2014 & 2015 through pictures and sound.


(Note! Some of the content found on these pages are only provided in Danish as the events and programs referred to are solely in Danish language. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.)

The Danish theatre magazine Peripeti

If you didn't catch the publishing of a special edition dedicated to audio drama, celebrated by the Radio Drama Network with a reception on february the 13'th.The special edition on audio drama 22-2015 can be bought through the website of Peripeti