FLOAT - competitions introduction

This third round of the FLOAT - Festival for Audio Dramatisation introduces no less than three competition runs before and during the FLOAT - Festival for Audio Drama.


Repeating last years success we will be running the PIECE, PAPER and (F)lyd Marathon competitions. This means that the Piece competition last year New Audio Artist Award - under our youth section New British Artists - will emerge with our Piece competition that in return will be International. Meaning everyone can participate!


We are very thrilled about this developement and am looking forward to listening to - what we expect will be a diverse range of audio fiction and drama.


In addition to this the 24-hour audio marathon will be open to anybody who owns a portable recorder of any kind and has her/his fingers and ears ready on the day of the competition.


All winners of the competitions will be featured on the FLOAT16 and be published on our web site.


Read more about the individual competitions, entry requirements, enrolments, Jury members and how to approach this on the links that will be provided to you here on this website.


If you a curious you can listen to last year's nominees in the FLOAT - PIECE competition from 2014 and check out the marathon nominees from 2015 here.


You can also browse through previous FLOAT PAPER winner's synopsis and script excerpts below or on the FLOAT 2014 pages or check out our image gallery from 2015 here.


(Note! Some of the content found on these pages are only provided in Danish as the events and programs referred to are solely in Danish language. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.)